The Future of Orgonomy in the UK

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The Future of Orgonomy Everywhere! WRIT's Kickstart Appeal

The Kickstarter Appeal for Funding for a Documentary on WR and His Work has been a great success and raised $20,000 more than the target sum of $168,500. Congratulations to Kevin Hinchey on a wonderful achievement, which makes the future of orgonomy world-wide a lot more promising than it has been. Thanks also to everyone who donated and helped collect this remarkable amount for orgonomy. The film  is to be directed by Kevin, co-director of the  Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust (WRIT), a professional film-maker. He has already written the screen-play.

The Future of Orgonomy in the UK

Brits in Particular - Read This Page! Whistling in the Wind?

It is now more than two years since I posted this page with its urgent, if not desperate, appeal for help in ensuring a safe future for C O R E's priceless library and collection of scientific equipment. (Please scroll down to it below, if you have not read it already.) I have not received a single response from anyone in this country to this appeal, not even one expressing sympathy and a wish to help from someone who has no suitable, safe space for our collections. I don't expect anyone to send a message telling me they have got suitable dry, dustless secure space and we can move the items there next week. But mere interest in the problem might mean that someone or other would eventually hit upon a solution to this pressing problem. As long as I am fit to push on, doing for orgonomy in the UK whatever I can, we don't need any storage space, but it has been known for people to die suddenly, and it could happen to me. Then where would all C O R E's precious collection be? Answer - in a skip. The job of disposing of it all, item by item, getting a reasonable price for it, would be way beyond anyone I can possibly think of at the moment. A person doing that job would need time and a phenomenal committment to orgonomy to be willing to spend the time and emotional energy selling off all these many items. (And as we all know, there is no-one in the UK with a phenomenal commitment to orgonomy.) Auctioning them on ebay, for example, would take months.

The only logical, appropriate conclusion to draw from this is that there is no-one else in the UK who cares about the future of orgonomy and who will give a damn when it quietly sinks beneath the surface, which is what will happen, when I go to join the orgone dots, whether that is this, year, next year, some time, never... I shall therefore take steps to pass C O R E's collections on to someone in another country who is interested enough to want to take them on. That fate would be better than having the collections thrown away. I have no particular person in mind at the moment, though I am sure there are several individuals or groups who would jump at the opportunity to acquiring such riches without having to pay a penny for them except for the transport costs, which might be considerable. But at worst, it's possible to rent a van, drive over to the UK and load the van up, isn't it? It wouldn't be impossible. The bizarre quality of this possible plan, the utter preposterousness of such action, reflects orgonomy's predicament in the UK. Nobody wants to know, absolutely nobody! (March, 2013.) (PS 17. 12. 13. I have contacted one of our supporters abroad and he is willing to collect our scienitific equipment and take it to his own work-place in Europe. So at least we have a single option now, but it seems a terrible loss to orgonomy in the UK. Wouldn't it be better if we kept everything here somewhere where it would be available to future students of orgonomy?)

PS Added 31. 7. 13. Since I wrote the above I have had one offer from a friend of orgonomy in the UK. He has generously offered storage space in his apparently large attic. That's all it needs of course, room for lots of boxes and not even much headroom, so an attic is a feasible option. The  person who has made this offer sees the obvious drawback to this option - that the books will no longer be available for students to use. Yes, exactly, that's the whole problem, but at least  it will be far better to have them packed up safely in boxes in someone's attic than having them sold off. They will still be there for future use, if there is ever any active interest in orgonomy in this country. What a huge 'if' that is!

The point about this collection is that it is the result of many years slow, laborious collecting from second-hand bookshops, bookshops on ABE, and a few gifts from people active in orgonomy. It is irreplaceable. It would take a few days to sell the lot to a single buyer, a bookshop, and that would be the study of orgonomy set back by decades in this country. Even if someone tried to build up a similar collection in the future it would be difficult, if not impossible, as many of the rarer items are getting more rare with every month that passes and their replacement will be impossibly expensive for an impoverished, unsupported field of learning such as orgonomy. It is even possible, heaven forbid, but it is, that Reich's books will go out of print before too long, now that Roger Straus of Farrar, Straus and Giroux is dead and there is presumably no-one in the firm with the same commitment to keep Reich's books in print. (For those of you who don't know the history, a court injunction ordered the burning of Reich's remaining book stock after his trial and this injunction was enforced. Roger Straus of Farrar, Straus and Giroux, a well-known New York publisher, was so angered by this gross censorship that he resolved to keep Reich's books in print after his death. The firm has done this, but they are now only sold as print-on-demand titles and it is quite possible that now Roger Straus is dead the firm may withdraw this commitment. Apparently the demand for these print-on-demand titles is very low.) See Book Burning page for more information.

Progress So Far and The Future of Orgonomy in the UK Publication of Artificers of Fraud

This book is now available. The publication is very relevant to the future of orgonomy in this country. If it attracts any attention at all and becomes known, it may have a positive effect on the future of orgonomy here. Here's hoping. Of course if it does attract much attention, it is more likely to be negative than positive. (PS added November 2013: the only review so far of Artificers has been a complete hatchet job, like almost everything written about orgonomy in the UK, completely malicious, false, and contemptuous.) We saw what the London literary jackals did to Reich and orgonomy in their reviews of the dreadful Orgasmatron book. I don't expect them to be any kinder to me and my book. They will find it, however, much harder to dismiss, as it is scientific in tone and content and most of these writers have no understanding of science at all. They will not have the background knowledge necessary to even discuss the book's arguments, let alone demolish them. But I don't suppose that will stop them rubbishing it and me.  Still, if it stirs up a discussion about orgonomy, it will have done some good. If you want to help orgonomy on its way, please tell people about this book. Please go to Artificer's Info Page for more information. (Updated 10. 3. 13.) 

Update - August 2012

This page has been up for over 18 months now, so here is an update about our situation. Has anything changed during this time? Is the outlook any better than it was? wouldn't do to shout and cheer, would it? I thought things were improving. We had a serious supporter in the south of the UK, who had offered assistance when he got his work and finances sorted out. One extra pair of hands would have been enough to carry out one or two more complex experiments and to make the various videos that I have had in mind for years. At this rate I thought we might be able to run our local life energy day before too long, which should open up C O R E to a really wide public. But this supporter is still struggling and is not in a position to help C O R E practically. This turn of events demonstrates how difficult it is to rely on anyone as a helper for an event or to create, say, a video together. We can only rely on someone as a serious student or helper if they have been around for a couple of years and we know that they will turn up when they say they will. So, to all intents and purposes, I am still out on my own without anyone who I can call on for real help.

There are also other negatives in the picture. Since this page was posted 18 months ago, not a single site-visitor has contacted C O R E to ask how they can help to ensure the future of orgonomy in this country. We have closed down our site for younger learners,, as it had produced not a single enquiry after two years on the web. Over 4,000 visitors and not a single enquiring e-mail! It is beyond belief, isn't it, and a massive disappointment. If orgonomy does not pull in younger students it will simply disappear. Clearly, most, if not all,  of these visitors were just surfing and left the site as quickly as they found it, the on-line equivalent of window-shoppers. The modern attention-span that lasts merely seconds is obviously a huge barrier to anyone's chances of seriously engaging with orgonomy. It is not something that one can evaluate with a quick glance or two.

The question of an eventual home for C O R E's equipment and library still stands as it was when I first posted this page. They still have no safe home and may be lost to orgonomy on my demise. On the other hand, our work is expanding, albeit mainly outside the UK, and C O R E is earning a tiny amount from our work. If I can remain fit and well for another 10 years, maybe, just maybe, we will have enough time to set up something solid on the ground. Summary = outlook improving, but very slowly. (August 29th, 2012.)

C O R E's new site has now been up for more than 18 months. What have we achieved in that year? The answer is not a lot. The superficial reason for this is the relentless indifference of the British public to orgonomy, indeed to any fringe body of knowledge that dares to ask awkward, profound questions. Our video on Robert Brown and Wilhelm Reich on YouTube has already been watched by over 12,000 viewers. Not one of these viewers has contacted C O R E to find out how to do these relatively simple experiments themselves or even just to obtain more information about orgonomy. One might think that such profoundly important scientific information might lead to an invitation or two to present this information in detail to some conference or seminar somewhere or other. The findings presented in that video are dynamite for orthodox biology, but....not a ripple. (PS June 2013. I have sent complimentary copies of Artificers to two well-known 'green' organisations in this country. Both these organisations bleat on about the ravages of mechanistic science and medicine in our culture. I send them a well-researched book showing a crucially important place where mechanisitic science is proved wrong, and? Not a word! Not even a polite thank you!)

But...dare we hope? The daily average number of visitors to C O R E's website has slowly increased since the beginning of 2011 and is now up to 44. The daily average for 2010 was 9. We could have a hundred a day, but it would mean nothing for orgonomy unless some of you were to become actively involved in orgonomic study and activity. (PS September, 2014: we are now getting well over 100 site visitors daily. It does not seem to be making for more enquiries.) Eight of these site-visitors got in touch and came to Preston during the Easter period, 2011, to study with C O R E. Not quite the triumph of the previous year's Easter school, which gathered 10 people for a week, but a very positive beginning. Four students attended our summer school in 2012. We still have no reliable local helpers to call on to help us run our hoped-for local Life Energy Day in Preston.

The general lack of expansion in the UK is baffling and dispiriting. I have just had an invitation to go and teach the use of orgone therapy in childbirth to midwives and natural-birth advocates in Brazil. I was the main contributor to an orgonomic event last winter in Cyprus. I contributed significantly to the 2011 research seminar in Greece organised by OBRL. And yet in this country orgonomy is invisible and thought unworthy of attention. The makers of the recent BBC Radio 3 program on Reich made no effort to contact C O R E. This shows how shallow their research must have been, as C O R E comes up first in a search for 'orgonomy uk'. Against that fairly accurate but limited program there were all the sensational and abusive reviews of the Orgasmatron book. These reviews were not abusing the book, but abusing orgonomy. The reviewers loved the book because it was a hatchet job on orgonomy and, in particular, a massive adhominem attack on Reich himself.

This web-site has attracted about 80,000 visitors since it opened. This has led to possibly a dozen enquiries, occasional orders for literature, and, possibly,  half a dozen lasting contacts. We have not heard further from the enquirer who ordered and paid for a few booklets. Most of our creative, productive contacts with people who are teaching themselves about orgonomy or even doing actual practical orgonomic work are outside the UK. Only one person visiting our website has bothered to take advantage of C O R E's offer of a free copy of our  booklet An Introduction to Orgonomy. We have not heard from her since.)  PS July 2014. Eight site visitors have now taken up the offer of a free booklet, eight in four years! No comment.

Our site for younger people - - attracted about 4,000 visitors in two years, but not one of them contacted C O R E to obtain booklets or information. According to the statistics available to all site owners from our web-hosting company,, our site-visitors spend a very short time at the site, just flip through a few pages, and then leave. (These are, of course, averages and presumably, we hope, blot out the odd visitor who combs through the whole site.) We have now closed down We are left wondering just what we have to do to interest people in orgonomy. (PS added October, 2013. The brute fact, in the UK at least, is that there is absolutely nothing that one can do to get any Brits actively interested in orgonomy. The reviews of the awful Orgasmatron book two years ago and the recent review of Artificers in ForteanTimes, do not help, of course, but even without them, no-one wants to know about orgonomy in this country. The Fortean Times review shows how bad things are and how completely impossible it is to get anyone to take orgonomy seriously in this country. If orgonomy atttracts any attention here, it is always abusive, dismissve, and mendacious. I sent a copy of Artificers to FT, as it was one of two journals devoted to fringe science and serious dissident views, those most likely to give the book a serious hearing, and yet they gave it a review that could have been written by any dogmatic sceptic, such as Richard Dawkins or Daniel Dennett.)

My forthcoming book, Artificers of Fraud, is slowly moving towards publication. This may prove controversial and stir up some interest in orgonomy. The capacity of orthodox science to evade and ignore criticism is enormous and I guess it will do its best to see that the book gets no attention, though once it gets noticed by the small community that questions the dogmas of science it may attract some interest. I know very well that it may be a complete flop and sell 50 copies. (October 2013: so far this estimate has proved to be ridiculously optimistic!) It is a desperate, high-risk plan, the only effect of which may be that I lose a lot of money. Please tell people about the book, if you want this valuable and important knowledge to spread and take root. (The book is now available. See links above.)

The Future

The information below is out of date, but I have left it there for the information of interested visitors. I apologise for the strange lay-out of this part of the page.'s glorious software is doing its worst again and I can do nothing about it.

It is quite possible that I am whistling in the wind writing this and that the typical visitor to C O R E’s website does not care a damn about the future of orgonomy in Britain. I say this because the statistics of our site, which our system,, gives in great detail, show unbelievable facts; that most vistors spend only seconds at our site, only a few seconds on each page, and that most of them only visit a page or two and do not view the whole site contents. Let’s look at the statistics for 2011 so far. ‘Readership’ in 2011 actually decreased very slightly in comparison to that of the last two months of 2010, from 11 to 10 per day on average. (Now in March, 2011, it has increased. The daily average for February was 15 and for March rose to 16. The daily average for May was 16, too.  Apparent interest is increasing. For September the daily average was 31.)

Does the number of visitors to our site make any difference at all? We get few enquiries from these larger numbers. (Mercifully, a few brave spirits have now proved me wrong. A few enquirers new to C O R E contacted us and came to visit over Easter to learn about orgonomy.) Average time spent at our site is 24 seconds! The statistical average of pages seen is 1.63 and the average time spent on each page is 22 seconds. Now very occasionally, as has just happened, a visitor peruses the whole site and is obviously affected by it, affected enough to get in touch with us and to make some meaningful contact. But this is very rare. Such a visitor is usually from outside the UK. The most recent such contact has come from Brazil. (He has vanished again without explanation.) Up until last March/April C O R E got a couple of such contacts in a year, though there has been a small eruption of interest in recent weeks with some active e-mail contacts. 


C O R E is the only orgonomic research and teaching organisation in this country at the moment. It looks like remaining the only one for the forseeable future. To be honest the word organisation should really be in inverted commas. Can we really call an activity an organisation when it is in fact completely a one-man band with no supporters or active collaborators in this country at all? Yes, that is the unpalatable truth about orgonomy in this country. Until very recently it has had no solid body of supporters and not a single active worker, apart from myself. From one year’s end to another I got no help whatever with my orgonomic work. No-one has so much as licked a stamp for C O R E apart from myself. Many projects that I have thought of remain unstarted, not because of a lack of expertise or knowledge or equipment, but for the lack of a very simple thing,  another pair of hands to assist me with the simple physical challenges of, for example, filming a simple bion experiment or an experiment using the life energy meter from Heliognosis, or filming something in PIP. A casual look at YouTube will show anyone how difficult it is to make a decent video film single-handedly. Many of the videos posted on YouTube are obviously made by an individual on their own and it shows. Some of them are unwatchable, they are so badly made.


These problems, though, fade to nothing when placed beside orgonomy’s problems in the future. Most visitors to our site, of course, have no particular loyalty to orgonomy and so, I presume, do not even think of its future. But if you are the occasional serious visitor to our site who cares about orgonomy and its survival, please give this question some thought. Perhaps you assume that the site and orgonomy will be up there, on line, all the time until kingdom come and you can come back to it when you want. If you decide to come back in a couple of years, it may not be here any longer. Yes, you hadn’t thought of that had you? A couple of years ago, C O R E received an enquiry from an intelligent, unemployed young man. He said he was going mad doing nothing and was looking for something challenging and interesting to read with his high IQ. I told him about our booklets. I guess he was expecting to have free electronic access to them. The text of a booklet is almost invisible on line except to the active seeker. An actual booklet lying around in someone’s home may be seen by dozens of people and even if he thinks it’s rubbish, he can dispose of it via Oxfam or some other charity and somone else can find out about orgonomy from that booklet. (That has actually happened. Someone has e-mailed C O R E from the USA who discovered orgonomy via an old copy of our booklet on self-regulation which he found in a second-hand bookshop.) The enquirer replied that he might buy the booklets one day and we haven’t heard from him since. Doubtless he assumes C O R E will still be there when he gets his act together, a very rash assumption.


I am 75. At such an age one is very aware that no-one goes on for ever. I have angina, which increases my chances of a heart attack. Such an attack could take me to join the orgone dots in the sky at any time, though I feel pretty strong and well at the moment and hope that I will probably be able to carry on for a good few years yet, but…a good few years might mean until 80. At the present rate of recruiting helpers there will still be none available even then. Even if I lived to be a hundred, there is no guarantee that I will be a competent and effective teacher, writer, and researcher for all those remaining years. By the age of 80 I might be a bumbling, incoherent wreck who can’t remember his own name, let alone the name of an important orgonomic reference that a student has just asked me about.


So… if C O R E is to survive after me, it needs younger collaborators to carry it on without me. So far there are none in this country and none in prospect. (The situation in the world at large is much better. Active young students of orgonomy in regular contact with me are developing their own projects, doing research,  making discoveries, and putting orgonomy on the map in their own countries.) If you care about the future of orgonomy in the UK, please think about this and what you might be able to contribute. If there are no successors after me it will vanish beneath the waves to disappear, probably for good. Remember that orgonomy has no cultural presence whatever in this country. Most people have never heard of Wilhelm Reich or orgonomy. Very few people indeed have read a word of his books. He is, culturally speaking, an un-person, to use Orwell's Newspeak expression. Even in fields where his work is highly relevant, he is still completely unknown in Britain and will remain so, if things continue as they are at present. (The recent Radio 3 program made no mention at all of many of Reich's important scientific discoveries or of his pioneering work with babies. It contained no mention of self-regulation, the bion experiments, the medical use of the orgone accumulator and orgone devices, or the many experimental demonstrations of the orgone and its effects.)

I am willing to hand on my experience and knowledge to anyone who wants to become actively involved in orgonomy in this country. I am still an effective teacher. People from other countries are willing to travel half-way round the world to come and learn from me and I get invitations to go half-way round the world to teach, so I must have something to offer.


Another problem looming is the fate of C O R E’s orgonomic library and all the scientific equipment which I have collected at great expense over the years. About 15 years ago, when I started serious orgonomic research I began buying equipment to enable me to publish my booklets, after that a microscope, and eventually a wide range of good-quality scientific instruments for the many research projects that I wanted to carry out. I have carried out some of these projects and am at this very moment working on some new ones. I thought cheerfully to myself that I would start, get things going, and that work visible on the ground would pull other people in to help me. Fifteen years later C O R E possesses an outstanding orgonomic research library, absolutely priceless, which includes many valuable and long out-of-print books, and a fine collection of laboratory and observatory equipment.


Never in my darkest hours, in my worst nightmares, did it occur to me that there would never be any future collaborators and assistants, even 15 years later. But there aren’t. I am as isolated and unsupported orgonomically now as I was 15 years ago. I have made no progress whatever in gathering collaborators and funds to establish permanent accommodation for orgonomy in this country. It had always been my aim to do this. It is not something that I can do alone. I am deeply concerned over what will happen to this library and scientific collection after my death. The books need a dry, dust-free environment to survive in usable condition into the future. The equipment needs the same. If the books are sold off they will be irreplaceable. If the scientific equipment is sold off, it will, presumably be possible to rebuild such a collection again, as long as scientific instruments go on being made and sold. But at what expense? At the moment, with this legacy, orgonomy is all set to go, to carry on without me. If we had a building, we could equip it tomorrow, even this afternoon, but if everything is sold off, orgonomy will have to start from zero again.

An important factor concerning the future is that all the items I have collected so far have been obtained during the era of oil-cheap imports from China and other places. C O R E's excellent Chinese and Japanese microscopes will certainly not be available again at such artificially low prices in 25 or 50 years. If our precious collection is dispersed after my death, as looks almost certain at the moment, (the dispersal, not the death!), the purchase of a microscope in 2050 may be far beyond one interested individual or even a handful of interested individuals.

At the moment there is no suitable accommodation in prospect for the library or the scientific equipment. Between them, at a guess, they need two small storage rooms or one medium-sized room. It is not a lot to ask, but at the moment it is a million miles away from the possible. As things stand, in 2014, it looks as if the precarious achievements of my years of hard work for orgonomy will be dispersed and forgotten. (It  is possible that you have no clear idea of what C O R E possesses. We already have enough to equip an orgonomic centre. We have enough microscopes to equip a biology teaching lab, enough optical equipment for an atmospheric observatory, and foundations of an orgonomic physics lab, and an outstanding orgonomic library. Most of this equipment is already in use in very cramped, improvised accommodation. See Facilities or Library  for more information.)


So… if you care about orgonomy and wish to see it survive and thrive in the UK, please get in touch and see what you can contribute. Applications from owners of half-empty houses are encouraged!


Peter Jones,

Preston, January, 2011, revised frequently since.


Posted January 18th, 2011, last revised December 29th, 2018.