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and Its Effects


Changing Our ISP - Important!

I regret to say that my attempts to transfer C O R E's website to a new ISP has failed. Our present providers are about to discontinue the program that runs our site and my very limited IT skills cannot manage the alternative provided.. The program will be closed down on February 28th and from then on we will be unable to edit the website. This will mean that it gradually becomes out of date though that will not affect all the pages, as the information on many of our pages does not change. It will mean that the news page and the events page become less relevant. If you are thinking of attending one of our forthcoming events at Easter or in the summer, please send me an enquiring e-mail occasionally to make sure things are still OK. If I already know you are planning to attend, I will let you know if anything important changes. In the meantime I am looking for help and a new ISP that I can cope with. My apologies to site-visitors for this big disruption to C O R E's services. PJ, 26. 2. 15.

If you browse on YouTube under 'vitalism' or read about it in books, you always come across the assumption that vitalism is a completely mystical belief and that the 'life force' and its effects cannot ever be investigated or demonstrated scientifically. When I  encounter this assumption on YouTube, I always post a comment to the effect that one can conduct repeatable scientific experiments into the nature of the life force or demonstrations of its existence and that it can be measured with a meter. Needless to say, none of the channels expressing the above criticism of 'vitalism' ever contacts me to ask what these experiments are and where they can buy a meter that will measure the life force or its effects. (Well, one asked me what these areas of science were that he had missed in his training. I directed him to this page and I haven't heard a word from him since.) Serious students of orgonomy and visitors to this site will doubtless have read about Turner's Orgasmatron book. (Please go to Orgasmatron Review for more information.) We never hear from these slandering, malicious critics. I do not know of a single example where an authentic, genuine scientist has repeated any of Reich's basic experimental investigations and been unable to confirm Reich's findings. The critics just brand orgonomy as rubbish and carry on as before. The reception of Turner's book by ignorant journalists is a good example of how decades of scientific work are received by completely ignorant critics who know nothing of orgonomy or how to assess scientific findings. is a list of effects of or demonstrations of the effects of the orgone, ranging from the softest, most subjective at the beginning, to the hardest and most scientific and least subjective at the end. For more information see Reich's original writings or C O R E's booklets.

There are others, but these are all ones that we can demonstrate at C O R E or at any event that we take part in. In practice some need far more time than that avilable at, say, a weekend event, but can still be arranged and shown, given enough committment. To carry out some of these demonstrations we need an orgone dark-room. This in itself is not a very expensive or complicated item to construct. It just needs a few square yards of ground, which C O R E does not have at the moment. If we ever have our own centre, the construction of such a darkroom will be one of our immediate priorities.

Added 10. 3. 13. C O R E's publication, Artificers of Fraud, gives an interested student enough information to buy a suitable microscope and to carry out the basic bion experiments on your own at home. This volume has now been published and is available for UK buyers to order by post. Please send a cheque for 13:50, which covers second-class postage, to Orgonomy UK, PO Box, 1331, Preston, PR2 OSZ. We have now posted an on-line PayPal payment facility. To access this go to Artificers of Fraud.


The photo above was taken at the Carunchio seminar, Easter 2012, and shows two plates of bean sprouts, that on the left sprouted in an orgone accumulator, the one on the right the controls, untreated. This is a classic, often repeated orgonomic experiment, which a child interested in science could carry out. The only item of equipment needed, apart from the seeds, is a small orgone accumulator. This experiment has been replicated by many different orgonomic workers. I have lost count how often I have done it myself, but it must be at least 6 times, always with strongly positive results.

Posted January 31st, 2011, last revised February 26th, 2015.

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